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While a perfectly installed garage door runs smoothly, all garage doors need to be maintained from time to time so that they are not noisy. The noise is usually due to malfunctions or because springs, cables, and pulley technology are not aligned right. These problems can be solved using devices like vibration-mitigating pads or replacing hardware like rollers, or even through something as simple as lubrication. Please read more as we guide you on fixing garage door noise.

Fixing the Garage Door Opener

Using a socket wrench, tighten the garage door track system’s nuts and bolts, and the opener chain following the manufacturer’s instructions. The next step is to lubricate all internal elements which includes the garage door tracks, it’s hinges, springs, pivot points, and torsion bar bearings – this needs to be done every half-year to year. It’s best to use a special garage door lubricant, rather than oil or grease. Don’t forget to inspect the opening system’s rollers. Worn out rollers is one of the main reasons your garage door is noisy. Replace worn rollers with ones made of nylon or steel – they are much quieter. Lubricating the roller’s bearings is also important.

Check to see if your garage door is a chain, screw, or belt drive type. Then, test the door’s balance. You can do this by pulling the manual control cord, and raising the door up halfway before letting it go. If the garage door opener system is balanced right, the door will not fall but will stay halfway open.

What kind of noises do you hear?

If you know what types of noises your garage door is making, it is easy to figure out what’s causing the problem. If it is a ticking sounds, it means that the pulley’s bearings or the rollers are worn out, and if it is a grating sound, it could be because of bent garage door spring coils hitting each other.

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Contact Galron Corp to find a fast, easy, and effective fix for your noisy garage door. In some cases, garage door noises will require professional help – especially problems with bearings, or torsion/tension springs. If the hinges on the garage door opener are grinding, it’s very probable that it needs to be replaced and this requires the help of a professional.

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