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Garage Spring Repair in Olympia Fields

Broken garage door springs might cause serious hardware issues that pose not only operational and security hazards, but also a safety risk to your Olympia Fields house. These issues should be taken care of as quickly as possible by licensed technicians. Spring repair or replacement might seem simple but it’s not. Garage doors are pieces of very heavy mechanical hardware, and should only be repaired by professionals so that safety is ensured. Luckily the professionals at Galron Corp have you covered. If you’re experiencing issues with your garage door, give us a call ASAP and we’ll have one of our well trained technicians at your home as soon as we can. Our experts can repair any spring related malfunctions quickly and efficiently to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The Different Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two types of spring systems for overhead garage doors. We repair all kinds of garage springs. So no matter what type you have at your Olympia Fields home or business, we can repair it.

Torsion Spring Systems are used mostly for heavy and commercial grade garages. You can tell if yours is torsion spring system if you see the springs near the door’s center wrapped around a metal shaft.
Extension Spring Systems are used more often in residential garages. You can tell if your’s is an extension spring system if you see a single or double spring above the tracks of your garage. These systems usually work with pulleys on both sides, fit with steel safety cables. Safety cables are an absolutely necessary, because if an extension spring breaks, a door not outfit with safety cables can become very dangerous.

Get Your Garage Springs Repaired

Our professional garage door spring repair service will help supply you with the perfect spring form for your door – and fix it with all the required equipment based on spring type. If you’re using torsion springs, torsion sticks need to be used while repairing as no other equipment will suffice. The spring needs to be adjusted with the correct amount of tension to ensure the door will stand open by itself in any position when you use it manually. The incorrect amount of spring tension can cause malfunction and even injury. The professionals at Galron Corp have the necessary expertise to complete any garage door spring repair fast, in a professional , and affordable way. We always ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service.

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